2 Pack NEW CAT 1R-1808 FILTER AS / CATERPILLAR OEM 1R1808. We utilize multiple warehouses across the Continental United States. 2 Pack NEW CAT 1R-1808 FILTER AS / CATERPILLAR OEM 1R1808 2 Pack NEW CAT 1R-1808 FILTER AS / CATERPILLAR OEM 1R1808 MARINE PRODUCTS 3408,C11,SPS342,C18,G3304,C9,G3408B,3412,SCT673,G3408,C15,CG137-08,C-10,G399,G379,G3412,G379A,C-9,3176C,3126,3408B,G3306,D399,G398,3412E,C13,C-16,G3306B,3406C,SPT342,3196,C27,3406E,C9.3,C7,D379,C32,C-15,C-12,3408E,3412C,CPT372,3126B,G3408C,SBF214,SUF557,CG137-12,D398B,G3304B,3406B,3408C,G3406,3456,D398,D379B,C30,D398A,C12,D379A,3412D WHEEL TRACTOR-SCRAPER 623F,627G,657G,621F,651E,623E,621E,637E,637G,621B,631G,657B,627H,627E,621G,621K,637D,623G,627F,621H,631E,657E,623H,639D,623B,623K LRC,633E II,631D,623K,651B,633D,627K LRC,621K OEM,627K,657 PIPELAYER PL72,PL87,PL83,587T,572R II,583T,589 ENGINE – GENERATOR SET 3306B,3408C,C9,C13,3406C,3456,3408,C18,3406B,C32,C27,3412C,3412,XQG135,C15,PM3412,XQG400,G3412,3406E,D379B,D398B,3408B,G3412C,G3306B,CG137-12 UNDERGROUND ARTICULATED TRUCK AD45B,AD30,AD60,AD55B,AD55 WORK TOOL 834G, ,836G FOREST PRODUCTS 586C,TK751,551,511,532,541 2,552,2864C,552 2,TK732,521B,TK741,TK752,521,345C,541,2391,522B,TK722,522,TK721,2290,2491,2390,2590,TK711 EXPANDED MINING PRODUCTS 6015B,MD5125,MD5150C,MD5075,MD6290,6018,6015,6015 FS,6040,6020B,6030,6040 FS OFF-HIGHWAY TRUCK 770G OEM,770,772G,772B,777G,777B,771D,773E,773G LRC,773D,775G OEM,770G,769D,769C,775D,775G,771C,775F,773G OEM,773B,773F,772,772G OEM,777D,775E,773G,775B,777F,775G LRC,777C OEM SOLUTIONS 385C L,336E HVG,336D L,336E,349E,365C L,340D2 L,349D L,330D,385C,349E L HVG,330C,345D,336D,330D L,345C L,345C,336F,390F COLD PLANER PM-565,PM620,PM-465,PR-1000C,PM-201,PR-450C,PM-200,PM-565B,PM622,PR-1000 TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR D6R II,D6T,D8R II,D6T XL,D8N,D6R,D6R III,D7E LGP,D6T XW,D6T XW PAT,D7R II,D7E,D6T LGPPAT,D11T,D8R,D10T2,D8T,D6R LGP,D9T,D9R,D6T LGP,D7R XR,D9L,D6T XL PAT,D10N,D7R,D6R XL,D7R LGP,D6R STD,D10R,D8L ENGINE – MACHINE C-12,3406B,3412,C-9,3408 TRACK-TYPE LOADER 973C,973D We are here to serve you for any Questions and Concerns; For Freight Concerns, Product Fitment, or Wholesale/Bulk pricing, you can always reach us at Shipping Retruns Payment Shipping Orders are shipped within 1-5 business day after payment clears. store ships to the 48 Contiguous United. We now ship to Canada, parts of Europe and Australia. Please review shipping exclusions within the shipping tab for a complete list of countries we do not currently ship to. Items with “Free Shipping” apply only to the 48 contiguous United States. Shipment errors due to a incorrect address entered by the buyer and will not be credited for shipping charges if returned or at all if lost or abandoned by the carrier. We reserve the right to cancel any orders shipped to Freight Forwarders or Hotels We utilize multiple warehouses across the Continental United States. If you order two or more products from us, they may ship separately. We supply tracking information directly to your eBay account within 24-48 hours after the shipment leaves our warehouse. Please make sure that our email messages don’t go into spam or junk. Please Note: Processing time is not the same as transit time. Orders placed on Friday after 11:00am Eastern Standard Time will be processed the following Monday. Please allow between 3-9 Business Days for shipping transit time within the contiguous 48 states. For faster shipping times please choose one of the expedited shipping options. Please Note: If your USPS tracking number does not provide any information within 48 hours of departure. It is due to the fact that it was shipped using UPSmi. Please visit UPSmi.com to view detailed tracking information Returns 14 day return policy, original condition. The amount refunded shall be 80% of the original purchase price. All sales of custom, made-to-order products are final and no refund shall be issued for these sales. Buyer Pays Shipping Return Payment Paypal is our only method of payment. Your Paypal account must be a Verified Paypal account. We reserve the right to limit quantities or cancel orders to Resellers and Exporters. Please Note: Inventory is not reserved until the item is paid for. Please provide a valid phone number during the check-out process as UPS and our Trucking Companies require it. We only ship to confirmed Paypal address and we may still contact you for additional verification. For shipments in New York, we are required to collect the appropriate sales tax

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