DOMINOX Propane Torch Weed Burner Weed Torch 700,000 BTU Propane Gas Blow Torch


DOMINOX Propane Torch Weed Burner Weed Torch 700,000 BTU Propane Gas Blow Torch. The highest temperature exceeds 3000 ° F. 【NOTICE】: If the flame is too small for a long time, weed burner will be damaged. Try to increase the gas volume after a small fire is successfully ignited. When using the Weed Burner, please pay attention to the wind direction and wear safety equipment to avoid burning the skin. 【APPLICATIONS】: Propane Torch has many applications in home, garden, farm, industrial, building and construction, such as concrete and masonry drying, sealing films, scarfing of roofing felt or bitumen sheeting, burning wood grain, removing mark and paint, thawing frozen pipes and equipment, tar and asphalt work, roof insulation, biological weed and moss removal, etc. 【STRONG OUTPUT】: The Flame Weeder and hose have passed CSA certification, the maximum heat output of the Weed Torch is 700,000 BTU. The highest temperature exceeds 3000 ° F. The powerful performance of the Weed Torch can meet the required purpose. 【ADJUSTABLE FLAME】: Propane Gas Blow Torch allows accurate flame adjustment after Piezo Push Button Igniter to ensure safety. High sensitivity Propane Gas Regulator Valve can be turned on before use and can be turned off the flame after use. 【350LBS PSI 9.9FT HOSE】: The hose equipped with 7/8”-14LH, 1/4”-18NPT, Φ12.6. The attached hose with a valve seal ring can be directly connected to the STANDARD propane tank with an OPD valve, and the working purpose can be achieved without moving the propane tank within the working distance. 【ERGONOMIC HANDLE】: The non-slip handle is wrapped by high-quality rubber, and the Boost Control Trigger can continue to increase the flame when the gas regulator valve is opened to the maximum, so that the flame and gas can be utilized to the maximum.

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